The MVCI Launch Tournament is complete and here are the results!

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

1st Dr Random
2nd PJerz
3rd Vortex
4th DBAC
5th NMISM Karma
5th Icy Mc Spicy
7th GoldenGlove
7th Surashu
9th TAM MikeJonesJaxson
9th SaltyCookies
13th Pliskin
13th UCB Ridley
13th NM505 Ivylicious
17th Da Real 0ni
17th AntiDakoda
17th Belmont
17th Super

Tekken 7

1st NM505 Ivylicious
2nd Eboc
3rd Javasout
4th Jacob
5th Tetsujin
5th SaltyCookies
7th NMISM Viewtiful Jew
7th RFGC Jozo
9th NMISM Chavelo
9th TAM MikeJonesJaxson
9th Se7en
13th Super
13th Shortstack
13th AntiDakoda
13th Pliskin
17th Kevin X
17th NMISM Karma
17th Surashu

Street Fighter V

1st Mikaul
2nd RevelationVoid
3rd NMISM Onimaru
4th Oni
5th Saga
5th RFGC Xanthan
7th TAM MikeJonesJaxson
7th SaltyCookies
9th Jayfox
9th Belmont
9th DBAC
13th The fallen

Hyper Street Fighter 2: Anniversary Edition

1st TAM MikeJonesJaxson
2nd NMISM Ver314
3rd DBAC
4th NMISM Chavelo
5th Pocketsand
5th NMISM Onimaru
7th TPA Dylan
7th NMISM Karma
9th AlexanderTheg

Injustice 2

1st TKB
2nd AlexanderTheG
3rd DBAC
4th NMISM Karma

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 Side Tournament

1st Talon
2nd Eboc
3rd NMISM Chavelo
4th PC Tengan
5th Tiny Rick
5th TAM MikeJonesJaxson
7th GoldenGlove
7th Super
9th Dr. Skipper

King of Fighters XIV Side Tournament

1st GoldenGlove
2nd NMISM Chavelo
3rd TKB
4th Super
5th NM505 Iyvlicious

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