Here’s the results from Boxing Bear Battles!

Street Fighter V

1st Place: JayFox
2nd Place: Rfgc_xanthan
3rd Place: Oni
4th place: Xero
5th place tie: Salty Cookies / Shota
7th place tie: Dorpo / Surashu
9th place tie: AlexanderTheG / Skullkid / Zal / Onimaru
13th place tie: Brian / David / Yolo Swaggins / Chris

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

1st Place: Chavelo
2nd Place: Gobstopper
3rd Place: D_Cynic
4th place: Xero
5th place tie: Surashu / Oni
7th place tie: Zal / Onimaru
9th place tie: David / Salty Cookies / Chris / Skullkid

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Super Gamers Anonymous and Boxing Bear Brewery!

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