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Episode 11 – Goodbye Ian!

Topics: Virtua Fighter, Low Tier God vs Viscant FT10, the announcement of Pi’s last tourney….FINAL KNOCK OUT! Hosts: @ChingachogookNM, @Ver314, Ian of @aofabq Length: 1:11:59 Video Version: No video this …

Episode 10 – BT Angelic Interview

Topics: Interview with BT Angelic on the AZ FGC at Art of Fighting 2014! Hosts: @ChingachogookNM, @AZAngelic,  @Willoughbeastin Length: 40:49 Video Version: No video this week! RSS: iTunes:

Episode 9 – Next Gen Sucks, Marvel Sucks

Topics: Tekken 7, Nex Gen chat, favorite game mechanics, and more! Hosts: @ChingachogookNM, @zal01, @rosen_beezy, & @dylanhecht Length: 1:27:49 Video Version: RSS: iTunes:

Episode 8 – Justin & Ricky at Art of Fighting 2014

Topics: Interview with EG Justin Wong & EG Ricky Ortiz Hosts: @ChingachogookNM, @JWonggg, @HelloKittyRicky Length: 50:07 Video Version: No video this week! RSS: iTunes:

Episode 7 – Destiny Is Our Destiny

Topics: Destiny, the Future of Consoles, MMOs, Art of Fighting 2014 Hosts: @ChingachogookNM, @dylanhecht, Garrett Tapia, Simon Kubiak Length: 1:10:59 Video Version: RSS: iTunes:

Episode 6 – 9/4/14 – Farewell, Zman!

Topics: Xbox Vs. PS4, Vs. PC, How can the FGC level up? Smash 4 player impressions Hosts: @ChingachgookNM, @Zmangz, Garrett Tapia, Simon Kubiack Length: 1:24:58 Video version here

Episode 5 – 8/21/14 – Comics and Colorado

Topics: New Mexico Vs. Colorado, 3DS Versus PS Vita, Comic Book Movies Hosts: @ChingachgookNM, @TheChavelo, @Zmangz, & @Alex3sixty Length: 1:17:41 Video version here

Episode 4 – 8/12/14 – Shirts Off!

Topics: Be part of a Video Game Movie, Marvel meta game, big announcement of and details of Justin Wong and Ricky Ortiz coming to the next event, Mortal Kombat X, …

Episode 3 – 7/29/2014 – The International 4 & San Diego Comic Con

Topics: EVO vs DOTA “the international” – Tekken 7 details and hopes – The Capcom Cup at San Diego Comic Con – Better “team” events – new event details Hosts: …

Episode 2 – 7/15/2014 – Post-EVO Wrap-Up

Hosts: @ChingachgookNM & Ian Donmoyer of Art of Fighting Length: 1:41:48