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MK Ultra and the Entertainment Industry
« on: October 26, 2012, 03:30:17 PM »
MK Ultra or Monarch mind control. The harvesting of the mind control chemical from the Monarch butterfly discovered by Hitlers scientists in WW2 and later shipped to America to begin the Manchurian Candidate program using MKUltra technology. Watch the movie The Manchurian Candiadate. The program is used to induce severe psycological trauma to the victim using drugs and statanic rituals. The victim of the programing is literally possesed by a demon (for lack of a better term) and an alter ego (or several) is created inside the victim.

Many elite celebrities are puppets of the Illuminati. Many have stated on camera they have literally "sold their soul to the devil" for the price of fame. It is also key to understand that in Luciferian Lore, the Light Bringer himself is the god of music instilled to him by God in the Old Testament. Now, I just want to clear up that I am in no way religious, but it doesnt mean the Illuminati arent. It also doesn't mean there aren't dark forces and spirits being brought into this world either.

This shit is literally Grant Morrisons Final Crisis brought to life.  As with Darksied and the antilife equation, symbolism is a very important to the illuminati. When satanic blood sacrifice rituals are used with iluminati symbolism and numbers it increases the power of the ritual and the dark gods summoned and statanic spells cast, not to mention the millions of people that watch these events on live TV.

Katy Perry, Bob Dylan, Eminem, Lil Wayne, Beyonce, Rihanna, Jay Z, Niki Minaj, Madonna, Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga are examples of celebrities who have sold their soul for fame.

Celebrities Alter Egos and Satanic Rituals:

Satanic Rituals in music videos and live performances? Yea right. There aint no hypnotic music, symbolism, or bonfires that create creepy shadows in the background. There aint no people chanting and dancing and worshipping satanic preists in robes and costumes. Is there? Yes. There is. Lazer light shows abound, people dancing and chanting and praising the "entertainer" the stage (alter). Symbolism apparent throught entire shows. Oh yes people. The Grammys, TheSuperbowl halftime show, the olympic opening and closing ceremonies are all satanic rituals with modern technology disguised as "events". And again, millions of people watch these performances live, actually partaking in them unknowingly.

Nikki Minaj: Quite possibly has several Demons possesing her. She admits as much and displays classic characteristics and symptoms of MKUltra mind control victims. This video explains her alter egos you actually see the before and after possesion (when she became famous), her satanic ritual music video and the blood sacrifice of her cousin:


Lady Gaga has many blood sacrifice rituals performed on live TV. The MTV video music awards 2009 for one where she was literally blood sacrificed to Lucifer. To become famous she had to blood sacrifice Lina Morgana an up and coming music star found dead of apparent suicide. You will see Lady Gaga and Lina Morgana have very similar styles.  Again you see the difference in Lady Gaga before and after possession: 


Lady Gaga satanic ritualistic magic in her perfume with ingrediant contaon blood and semen (for real). Anybody who has seen Bible Black knows the mixing of blood and semen are major occult ingrediants in satanic spells. People are dousing themselves with Lady Gaga perfume. Perhaps as part of her next satanic spell with unkowing paricipants?


Beyonce's Alter ego Sasha Feirce:

Here is a breakdown of her actual initialt ritual into demon possesion. Again millions of people will watch this ritual disguised as a music video.

More evidence of MK mindcontrol symptoms:

list=PL7C71EC4B7EB41382&index=4&feature=plpp_video (The Beyonce part starts around 5min.

A little bit of Eminem and Rihanna and Jay Z all being illuminati puppets.


Lil Wayne and the Dark Knight Rises Ritual and Blood Sacrifice:


Remember the guy who did the shooting? Holmes? Classic MKUltra mind control symbpots complete with creating his Alter Ego. Also millions of people participated in this satanic ritual as it was opening night of the DKR.

More Celebrities and "selling their soul to the devil":

Batman OFFICIALLY Defeats Wolverine:

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RE: MK Ultra and the Entertainment Industry
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You are easily my favorite poster here, D. Keep up the excellent work. :D

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Re: MK Ultra and the Entertainment Industry
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You are easily my favorite poster here, D. Keep up the excellent work. :D

Wow, I don't even know where to begin with this.

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Re: MK Ultra and the Entertainment Industry
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is this about fatalities ?
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Re: MK Ultra and the Entertainment Industry
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Its about the Illuminati's involement in all aspects of our life. Including being hypnotized by the combination of evil music and images. Its abut the price of fame and what these people blood sacrifice for it.

If you only watch one vid, watch the DKR and Lil Wayne one. That shit is nuts.
Batman OFFICIALLY Defeats Wolverine: